Frequently Asked Questions

Why are English pages but no English classifieds section?

Unfortunately, this is one of the big set-backs we had while trying to set up the portal. An extra widget had been bought and installed, but unfortunately each version would have had its own database. Meaning that each language would only be seeing the ads placed in that language.
Since that was not acceptable, we had to go with one language. Please, use website translations apps or functions to add an ad.
(Of course, it is possible to make it happen in different languages, but since we did not have the budget or the technical support, this is the best we managed to do, for now)

Do you have an App? is mobile phone friendly and works with most browsers. We do not have an app. Maybe, one day someone will sponsor us to make one.

How much does membership cost? is absolutely free. We want to help the helpers to help the street animals.

How is KIRIK KUYRUK financed? doesn´t have much expenses. The Template and work for this webpage is paid by our own means – as well as the Server fee. To reduce the costs, the server package we got is the lowest and thus is not very fast. We would be happy about any offers to sponsor a faster server.