About Us

Any person can easily see it, there are street animals all over Turkey and much too often they suffer greatly.

– Bustedtails.com (kirikkuyruk.com) wants to connect and support the people who help those animals. Thousands of good-hearted people & organisations invest large sums of money and energy helping street animals. Our website intends to give them all a platform to find & post classified ads, find help, share information and work more productively to help our animal friends.

– Bustedtails.com (kirikkuyruk.com) has the goal to produce and share educational videos and information for people who are suddenly confronted with an urgent problem at their doorstep. Quick first aid is supposed to be made easier with the portal.

– Misinformation is often spread among people. We want to educate and encourage them to view street animals in a healthier and more respectful way.

Hopefully soon, we will have a large database of helpers, donators, Vets, Municipalities, etc. available for anyone in need to access quickly and accurately so that they ca help an animal in need.

This site’s long-term goal is to find and help implement solutions for this overwhelming but ultimately manageable problem on our streets.


We need active input from all over Turkey. Street Cats & Dogs need you:

– Post a personal classified ad if you have cages, traps, time, or expertise, place a classified ad for your area with your contact information

– Tell other animal friends to post classified ads so they might find support in their neighborhood

– Encourage your local, trusted vet and petshop to display a classified ad – or do it for them – (with all the correct details) stating the exact help or reduction in price they are willing to give for the treatment of street animals

We need your help to find more information, webpages, educational videos, links and/or grafics. If you have any suggestions, they will be greatly appreciated.

Concept Video - KIRIKKUYRUK (Bustedtails)