Press Release Feb 04, 2021

Press Release Feb 04, 2021

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Street animal portal launches user-friendly new design and interface

An Online Network of Support for Street Animals in Distress & Those Who Care for Them

Hundreds of animal helpers all over Turkey are asking for help on a street animal portal, named ( The online portal makes it simple to find ways to support, donate or adopt in your own neighbourhood.

Photos of abandoned, sick or otherwise suffering cats and dogs on social media always tug at the heartstrings – but quickly disappear in the ever renewing depths of the timeline. They scroll by too quickly, wiped away by the next post of happy selfies or food porn. Fortunately, there’s a better way to spread, and meet, these cries for help.

The online portal ( is dedicated to helping street animals – and the dedicated caretakers who need more support to continue tending to them. The site’s new design and interface makes that easier than ever to do.

Any registered user can post or respond to a classified ad asking for or offering support to cats, dogs and other street animals in need. Hundreds of listings in more than 30 categories are searchable by categories – “lost cat” for example, or a “live trap” to rescue an anxious cat from a roof – and on a map, making it simple to connect with other animal-lovers in your own neighbourhood. No matter how little (or much) time, money or space someone might have, there is always a way to help.
Anyone not able to adopt an animal, may donate food to an animal helper. Financially weak people, may offer to help and assist someone to feed and take street dogs & cats to the vet.
Anyone preferring to be close to an animal, may temporarily take in a rescued animal until it recovers. Also offering to lend their transportation cage in a classified ad to support a sudden emergency rescue in their area, is a great way to help.

By creating an online network of the good, aims to reduce the suffering of the street by supporting animal helpers, that take care of street animals and rescues, plus tries to keep pets from being abandoned on the streets in the first place.

The site is usable on any computer and uses a smartphone-friendly responsive design, so no app needs to be installed. Simply by placing or responding to an ad, you can fulfil the site’s motto: “Be a Hero to the Animals on Your Street!”

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