Why is there no English version?

Of course, it is possible to program a decent multi language portal, but since we do not have the budget or the technical support, this is the best we managed to do, for now. Thank you for understanding Please use known webpage translation programs and browsers. Some terms and sentences are not what they should be like, but it is understandable in most cases.
Use this link to use Google translated:

How can I help Street Animals in Turkey?

This Portal is a tool and needs active input from YOU!
Only with your help will we be able to create a large database of helpers, equipment, vets, municipalities, etc.
Stray cats and dogs all over Turkey need you:
– Offer your personal ad if you have cages, traps, time, or expertise in your area
– Tell other animal friends to post ads so they might find or offer support in their neighborhood
– Encourage your local vet, pet-shop and Restaurants (food left overs to donate) to post an ad (hey, it is free advertisement for them)

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