The Street Animal Portal: A Journey from Rooftops to Rescues

The Street Animal Portal: A Journey from Rooftops to Rescues

Reducing the Suffering of Street Animals in Turkey

“Why isn’t there a help port al for street animals?” This simple yet profound question echoed across the rooftops of Istanbul in 2013. Two passionate animal lovers, Ceyda and Chris, fueled by compassion and a rooftop cat rescue, embarked on a mission that would change the lives of countless furry souls.

The Birth of an Idea
Picture this: a wild street cat, stranded on the top of a 5-story building, its eyes pleading for salvation. For two weeks, our determined duo scaled ladders, talked to neighbors of four different buildings, and called many places to get the frightened feline to safety. Finally, a life trap lead to the rescue. The feral cat was rescued, but the struggle all three endured motivated them to take action.

The idea of a Street Animal Portal was born and soon it took shape as (or in Turkish).

The concept evolved:

  1. Free Listings: Individuals, associations, and institutions can post listings, extending a helping hand to street animals. From medical aid to adoption, our diverse categories cover it all.
  2. Timely Listings: No outdated pleas. Listings automatically go offline after 1 to 12 months – according to the category, ensuring fresh opportunities for every furry friend.
  3. Educational Posters: Empower caretakers with visual aids—feeding tips, first aid instructions, and compassion-spreading posters.

The Struggle to Find Programmers
The road ahead was no less treacherous than the rooftop rescue. Our founders faced a daunting challenge: finding programmers who shared their vision. They scoured forums, reached out to tech communities, and knocked on digital doors. But the path was rocky. Many programmers were busy with paid projects, and the dream of a free street animal platform seemed too niche.

Crowdfunding and the Viral Video
Undeterred, our animal-loving duo turned to the power of the people. In 2014, they launched a crowdfunding campaign to hire programmers. Their plea resonated far beyond the rooftops of Istanbul. A heartfelt PR video went viral, touching hearts across Turkey. Nearly 400,000 views and over 16,500 shares later, hope flickered like a candle in the night.

Yet, fate played its hand—the funding goal remained elusive. The struggle intensified, but so did their resolve.

The Portal Emerges
Finally, in Summer 2016, after countless cups of coffee and sleepless nights, the online version of emerged—a digital help portal for street animals. The website breathed life into their vision:

Functions of

  1. Free Listings: Post your heart’s desire—adoption requests, lost/found notices, or offers of help.
  2. Map Based Listings: Find and connect with local compassionate souls with the map search function. Together, we’re stronger.
  3. Temporary Listings: Your plea won’t linger forever. Listings automatically deactivate, keeping the platform fresh and relevant.
  4. Educational Resources: Learn how to be a street animal superhero. DIY videos, posters, and tips await.

Join the Movement
Dear reader, as you sip your coffee and scroll through these words, know that you hold the power to change lives. Visit today. Place a listing. Share a story. Be a part of a rooftop-to-rescue journey that spans rooftops, hearts, and hope.

Together, let’s turn compassion into action.


Note: operates as a voluntary project without any revenue or donations. It’s a labor of love for street animals.

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